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       The drawings  completed between 2002-2004 are built up with rich layers of acrylic paint, watercolor, oilstick, graphite, pencil, and wax.  Through the process of drawing I have encountered issues of time, velocity, and motion.  As the forms in my drawings began to suggest domed, hermetic environments, science fiction and architectural elements emerged.  These discoveries have led me into unexpected terrain such as astronomy, molecular biology, and physics.  These are subjects of which I have no detailed knowledge or understanding, but rather an intuitive grasp of associative visual vocabularies allowing me to craft my own personal universe through the transformational act of drawing.  

     In my more recent work, I am searching for a personal pictorial language to concretize memory, dreams, and felt experience.  My subconscious is allowed to play an integral role in the mark-making process.  Automatic gesture, immediate impulse, experiment and chance become important elements in my personal response to materials.  Paintings and drawings are cut, torn and recycled as collage elements in an ongoing ,  open-ended dialogue between impulse and refinement.                                                                                                                                             

 Michael Mullaney  2007